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Black Market Theme

James Douglas Urquhart

Blumenkind Julian Bah

Fridolin Eelbo

Arlo Eisenberg

Brent Hicks

Waterpark fun


Julian Bah

Michael Braud

Misled Medias Doug Urquhart

Black Market was one of the few video releases in the past year that gained a lot of attention in the rollerblading scene and beyond. We want to let Doug Urquhart give you a little insight of his work on Black Market and his upcoming releases. Check out the german version right here!

Traveling Europe was amazing! Every country was different in their own respective ways; offering great people, progressive skate spots, and good eats!

The biggest reality check for all us Americans was the lack of a vehicle. In America, we are use to having our own cars and never being limited to when and where you can travel somewhere. Of course in Europe we had to rely on metro trains and the EU rail to get us from place to place.

We all had so much luggage that it was always a constant battle to lug our bags between each new location. Due to this, I had to pack my camera equipment very lightly. This meant no tripod or lighting equipment. Shooting the entire video was definetly pure guerilla steez!

Well, overall Black Market was successful, however, a lot of my intended plans didn't mature due to time constraints in the end. For instance, the knowledge section was not meant to be hidden away on side 2 of the DVD.

My next project is going to cover the mountainous terrain of inline in full documentary style. It will have skating from all the pros that have been representing the industry, but it is not going to be formatted around profiled sections. I am going to be shooting on super16mm film using an Arriflex SR3. For the digital spectrum, I will be shooting HDV that´s like what I shot Black Market on as well as HDCAM using a Sony F900 cinealta.

Getting back on track... Black Market came down to the last minute just as my college semester began to get rough with midterms, etc. ... Replication of DVDs takes ridiculously long during the holiday rush and I had to take that into consideration inorder to have the dvd release in December. This explains why the entire Euro documentary was edited in only several days.... No time to composite and render the greenscreen footage of Jero.... But life goes on, I had to get over the imperfections....

The music was last minute as well. I was working on getting rights for all the songs, but that shit takes time! I had to just go with stuff I figured wouldn't be too mainstream.... not to mention I had a wider variety intended, but it is just funny since I was working with mainly skaters tuned in to the hip hop scene (as am I) and somehow it got stuck within in this genre. I mixed it up a bit with Julians section and some of the live shows I shot such as Lyrics Born, Pigeon John & MF Doom)

I'm excited that a inline title was able to win the UK Freesports Awards I actually had no idea that Black Market was nominated best video until my UK distributor, David Bell, sent me a congratulations e-mail.

The UK Freesports Festival finally gave video creators, photographers and athletes an opportunity to see their hard work on the big screen at a theatre near Piccadilly Circus in London this past December.

I was unable to attend, but I'm glad that Black Market touched those that did attend. It is a great honor for rollerblading to knock out all the other mainstream extreme sports.

Misled Media