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under wraps

Under wraps review

Under Wraps is the third strike of the Be-Mag workaholics (After Visual Symphony and Cities Relinquished).
Talking about strike, this is what Cameron Card doing right at the beginning, a disaster royale over a distance of 16 feet.
After this, our two favorite Latin lovers Ricardo Lino and Enaoh Moreno show how rolling is performed in South Europe. Sunshine seems to be positive for the skills...

The following montage belongs to polish supreme Adam Zurawiecki and Russias finest Evgeniy Leonov. Seems like the words fear or injury don’t exist in their languages. Adam kills a ledge that is nearly as tall as him with a kind grind and Mr. Leonov does a gnarly gap to roll.
Let’s get away from the hugehammerleague, back to style. Gonzo Jaquez is up next. In his profile he shows the world who is the king of Ao soyale from now on. Maybe we should team him up with Cosimonster Tassone. That would be an interesting showdown.
Well where were we, Oh yes, the Gonzo show, Ts mistral was on his list, along with a fullcabao topporn. Last trick would be a 450° royale. Mission accomplished. Whew.

Be-Mag´s not just a printmag, distribution and a website, when they are bored they do tours as well. In 2005 there was the „Conquering Europe“ and the „Almost Famous“ tour. Sadly Kate Hudson wasn´t available so they had to take Jero with them. He does not look as good as Kate does, but he drives better and does better photos. I am not sure about this blowjob thing but anyway...

Regarding Europe, Stefan Horngacher is the funniest guy ever and Al Hooi does rough fishbrains. Sick stuff folks!
In US business Mr. Kansas Jeromy Morris is the new hot shit.

The last section in this flick is Sean Kelso from Philadelphia. His best friend is a handrail and they are very closely engaged. So friend handrail lets him do true fish to backslide for example.

Oh is this the end? 37 minutes of techy stuff and loads of hammers is enough dude!

Haha this is what you thought! Be-Mag would not be Be-Mag if there wouldn´t be a huge amount of bonus stuff on the dvd. For example there is a very nice edit of lst years X-Mas Jam held in hamburg, germany from Mr. Spring and a very nice Richie Eisler edit.

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