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Adam Johnson -Getting drunk; hide the keys!

Nachdem Adam Johnson schon in R2S.06 Print zu Wort gekommen ist, damals jedoch der Platz im Mag fehlte, um den Grad seiner Geisteskrankheit überzeugend wiedergeben zu können, dürft ihr nun auf diesem Wege die Gelegenheit nutzen um AJ ungeschminkt kennenzulernen! Er gibt hier freimütig Einblick in sein Innerstes und beweist, das George Double-Ju das Al-Quaida Problem erst einmal hinten an stellen sollte... -Denn der Welt grösster Terrorist sitzt in Kansas Fucking City!!

One, two, three and four
gnarly journalist knocks on your door.
A few questions he has got
answer them or not.
If you don´t he´ll get a voodoo puppy
and stab your penis -yuppy yuppy.

R2S: First of all, I need your full name, just to be sure that I am really talking to my favourite half ass!

AJ: Adam Francois Johnsone.

R2S: When did you start editing?

AJ: I started editing after I broke my elbow freshman year of high school seven
years ago. The first video I made was cut from vcr to vcr and then had
music dubbed over it.

R2S: Can you explain the way you focus on new projects knowing a huge bunch
of raw footage beneath your feet?

AJ: I tend to smoke a lot of crack and tweak out for days on end. Then I stare
at a blank computer screen and shit comes to life.

R2S: Tell us something about your editing-style, the whole b/w meaning and
the way you want other people to look on your work!

AJ: I like b/w because I don't know how to set the exposure and neither does
anyone else apparently so the washed out shots look alright in b/w, I think.

R2S: Are you planning to realize video-projects that doesn´t include

AJ: This upcoming summer or the next after I graduate college I am thinking of
filming a screen play that I have been working on that parallels the French
film "Man Bites Dog."

R2S: Rock or hip-hop; or something complete different?

AJ: Rock and hip-hop are both good to me. I find that as long as the beat is
sick I can dance like a maniac to some country music.

R2S: In what other businesses are you interested?

AJ: I am a fan of learning any facet of business. That is why I invested in
Vibralux so that I could learn how a clothing company is ran and the
business side of dealing with manufacturers. I also like hassling with
shops when I push dvd's. I kind of feel like a drug dealer.

R2S: Why did Vibralux release only 6 tee´s so far? Isn´t that a bit too less for
a company that owns "the dream team" Are you really doing denim? Whhhhen
will that be kid?

AJ: I aint a kid, I am a grown ass man who can drink your ass out of your denim.
Cut and sew is expensive and I hate China so get off my dick.

R2S: Errh! -What was your biggest mistake in life, accept doing this interview with R2S?

AJ: Those two illigitimate kids in Portugal are really bringing me down.

R2S: What are you making your money with ? Just in releasing rolling-videos?

AJ: I make money solely off of selling my body and turning tricks on the street
corner for meth. jk I only make money off of videos.

R2S: What other talents do you have that we can´t imagine through your

AJ: I am a very talented whistler and you should see me behind a mop. I used to
be a manager at McDonalds. That is how I funded my first video projects, by
working at the golden arches.

R2S: What´s the fuel in your engine?

AJ: A passion to help the people who would otherwise get little to no
recognition by putting out videos. I really like to hear when kids e-mail me
about how they love the video and they watched it a million times and
regardless of what I might think of my videos, the fact that at least one
person appreciates them it is enough to keep me going.

R2S: What means rollerblading to you? When did you start rolling around?

AJ: About 11 years ago in the sixth grade I was already doing stair rides and
jumping gaps and I heard the familiar sound of grinding over by the bike
racks at my school. Upon further investigation I found Brandon Matüre and
some of his friends sliding on the bottom rail and I was instantly hooked.
Rollerblading to me now is all about fun, I am past the point of progression
and I only skate spots that seem like fun, big kinked rails and long stair

R2S: What did you learn for your live through rollerblading?

AJ: I learned so much about the nature of people and how people can be really
fake and some people can be really real. More and more I am beginning to be
able to pick the fake ones from the real ones. I have seen so many things,
met so many great people, been so many crazy places, and have so many great
memories, all because of skating.

R2S: What´s your favourite rollerblader for filming? Who do you like because
of his style or character?

AJ: My favourite person to film is Brenton Wheeler based on style and creativity.
That kid has some raw talent. All the rest of my crew I love to film for
other reasons but just the fact that I never have a chance to skate with
Brenton makes me appreciate his skating.

R2S: Name some members of your KFC-crew and tell us in which ways their
personality differs from normal people´s.

AJ: -Joseph Shull- Almost as sarcastic a bastard as me, and like myself a
border-line alcoholic.
-Adrian Taylor- Has delusions that he is Jim Morrison of the Doors
-Brandon Matüre- unlike most people in the world he is genuinly nice to
everyone and wouldn't harm a fly
-Eric Johnson- Loves to spray paint the walls, unlike some people in KFC who
skate for the camera he could give two shits about being filmed. He skates
for fun.
-Adam Johnson- I am a crazy son of a bitch who really doesn't do drugs, I
just like to pretend that the voices in my head are drug induced.

R2S.: Who do you think will be the illest up-and-coming in the near future?

AJ: This girl from Canada is a REAL RIDER, her name is Kadesha Shull.

R2S: What other rollerblading-relevant persons do you hang out with?

AJ: In the industry I hang out with and am cool with everybody but FP. I talked
some shit on them back in the day and they hate me now. They are good guys

R2S: You aren´t cool with FP? Could it be that J. Petty is talking about you in
the intro to his -what do you believe in-sections? "...this kid in the mid-west...."

AJ: Fuck that I don't even wear bandanas or sag my pants so that is bad research
on your part half ass.

R2S: Sure? -Who made Kansas-City cool?

AJ: Jeff Belzeski, Jeremy Rockwell, Greg Deidrich, and Jeromy Morris made Kansas City cool
with the help of Dave Temples videos.

R2S: You´re a happy person, right?

AJ: Look at this smile baby, ear to ear. I am unhappy however when school and
videos hold me down from hanging out with my friends. I am happy, but very, very stressed.

R2S: Tell me something about an average A.J.-day!

AJ: I will choose a school day: I wake up at 8:00 am and go to weights class
still hungover from drinking and feel like puking as I do sit-ups. I come
home for 2 hours and edit some tweaker shit. Go back to school for 2 hours,
come home and do school work, and then go back to class @ 6:30 pm and get
off at 10 pm. Then I like to kick it, get wasted, play pool with Travis
Toms, and go to Mcdonalds at 2:00 am when the bar closes. Sometimes in
between I sell dvds and masturbate.

R2S: What kind of party´s do you like?

AJ: The ones that I take girls home from and where the whiskey is free flowing.

R2S: Sweatpants or jeans?

AJ: Slacks, I never wear sweatpants and I bought my first pair of jeans since
two years ago just the other day. I went to catholic high school and got
used to wearing khaki pants.

R2S: Playboy or hustler?

AJ: Since I just bought my hustler hat for when I shoot pool I will say hustler,
and who doesn't enjoy women pissing on each other?

R2S: What was the problem with your roof-gap to royale transfer we saw in

AJ: The problem was I didn't grind the rail first to see how fast it was. If
you were to watch it frame by frame on my computer you would see that I lock
on perfectly and then my back foot slips out and kicks my front foot and I
fall 12 feet to the side of my head and neck. I broke my colar bone,
collapsed a lung, and broke my spine in six places. Now I just skate for

R2S: Most important question: Who are these two bitches kissing and touching
foreign cocks in straight Jackit? Can you send them over?

AJ: They are canadian so my question to you is: Do you really want an STD?

R2S: No just joking, what about that bloodcrying man in KFC3?

AJ: It is jesus´s head and all of my videos have had hidden meaning in them for myself.
In StraightJackit it is b/w because that is how I felt while making
it, the head was crying blood for two reasons: 1. The tricks that it was
seeing were so progressive it made him cry blood. 2. It reminds me of the
hardship I was going through after my car accident in the hospital because
that is my blood that is coming out of his eyes. I had the nurse draw it
when I was in the hospital. The bottle of liqour that joseph shull is
holding is the bottle I was drinking the night I flipped my car.

R2S: "Bitches and blunts, liqour and stunts" -You´re a little poet, right?

AJ: Drink more liqour to fuck you up quicker, poetry´s right sick............prick!

R2S: German beer or Miller Light?

AJ: I like my beer to look like diarhea not piss.

R2S: Shit! -You said you were drunk during the time you answered my first bunch
of questions.... how much blood is in your alcohol right now and how are you
feeling after releasing the generic tour video?

AJ: There's no blood in my alcohol there's alcohol in my blood. I have whiskey
in between my legs and I feel like a hustler selling these crap dvds.

R2S: Why did you kill Jesus?

AJ: I didn't kill him. I lit his head on fire, he can resurrect himself when need be.
Till then Franco Cammayo will be serving your greater metropolitan needs...

R2S: When did Yuri and Nate meet RAD the first time? Why isn´t Alex trippin´ on the coast?
-There are some rumors about a little argue and some shit.....

AJ: No beef he bought my lawyer to keep me out of jail. -They met RAD at a Heavens Gate meeting in
Salina/ Kansas. The 4 x 4 video took all Alex´s tricks.

R2S: Why have you been to jail and how much did kid alex have to pay to free
your willy?

A.J.: Alex and I have helped each others careers since day one. I used to fly him
up to KFC to film and I let him live with me for a year for free and fed him.
He has never paid for gas in my car and we have helped each other climb to
the top of our shit. For this reason he lent me $6,000.00 to cover my
lawyer costs. I went to jail by the way for that car wreck you saw in Daily
Bread where Northway, Broskow, and Haffey were all passengers.

R2S: What do you think is the main difference between the US and europe?

AJ: We kick ass and know where the deoderant is fucking french. You don't like
McDonalds or fat people.

R2S: I´ve heard silly stories about the razors tour in germany...

AJ: The silly stories are about Aragon in a dress.

R2S: What´s the most amazing thing you´ve ever seen?

AJ: Brandon Matüre's mom wearing pink hotpants while moving the lawn around two
naked fat women grazing on fried okra.

R2S: What can we expect from you in the near future?

AJ: A real half assed razors video, holla.

R2S: Who is the owner of the hawaiian house in KFC4? You know, where you kicked murdas ass
in drinking beer? That person might own some shit to run a house like this...........

AJ: Is that sarcasm about the drinking contest? It was Dre's mom's house, she
doesn't own shit though she skates for Roces.

R2S: What do you think about our magazine?

AJ: First of all "fish" ain't even heard of your shit, so he thinks it sucks,
but the whiskey sez yes and my body sez no. -I saw it but didn't get a chance
to get a copy. I liked it alot, especially that I couldn't read it. I saw crack in
there and McDonalds and I wondered to myself how fucked up I must have been
answering those questions.

Jim Beam is chronic, and Franco is brown. Keep it random as Brandon Matüre.

R2S: Everything... When it comes to "thank-you´s" who would be the first to thank and why?

AJ: Alex Broskow would and will always come first. He has been one of my most
major supporters since the beginning. Other than that just all of KFC for
giving me an oppurtunity to be your favourite half ass.

R2S: Others do shoutouts, you got the chance to do some fuck you´s... if you like!

A.J.: First off fuck all the little kids who haven't paid their dues and talk shit
on KFC or our videos. Do they know what it is like to invest $40,000 into
the industry over the course of 6 years. Nope. They don't know what it is
like attending college at the Senior level full time and trying to make a
video while recouping from a near fatal car accident. Furthermore fuck
anyone who is fucking up the industry, Fuck Razors for firing Robert
Lievanos and Jon Elliot, fuck Team Paradise for going out of business, fuck
Pro Choice people, fuck me, and fuck you.

R2S: Wordly wisdoms for the krauts?

A.J.: Don't drink and drive, don't do drugs, don't have sex without a condom,
don't try acid, don't let Don Bambrick light your van on fire, don't drop
out of school, and don't make skate videos because nobody will appreciate

Acid and Crank, Asians that spank.

R2S. Thank´s for wasting time, Adam Francis Johnson.

Interview: cb